Tryp Wyndham Albrook Hotel – Centrally Located for Shopping and Regional Travel

The Tryp Wyndham Hotel located at Albrook Mall is a great lodging opportunity for those in need of catching a flight from the regional airport out to other areas of Panama.
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Located just across the street from the Albrook Airport, one can wake up early to catch the early flights of Air Panama, with out catching the morning traffic of Panama City. The Tryp is also a very short ride away from the Mira Flores Locks of the famous Panama Canal

Not only is the Tryp close to the Albrook Airport and the Panama Canal, the hotel’s reception and lobby area has direct access to the expansive Albrook Mall which is the largest mall in Panama. Albrook Mall is loaded with a vast range of different stores and the nation’s largest bus terminalLa terminal Albrook is the departure and arrival point for bus travelers into or from Panama’s interior towns.

The hotel has a full set of guest amenities including a large gym and a roof top pool with views towards the city and Panama’s famous Ancon Hill. The pool has a large sitting area for sun bathing, plus there is a pool side bar and snack bar.

Breakfast is included with your stay at the Tryp in their large and bright restaurant. During our stays, all the meals were buffets and the dishes were excellent. There is also an inviting lobby bar with live music in the evenings and a dining menu.

Our first trip to the Tryp ended with an interesting and memorable experience worth mentioning here.
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I was away shopping in the mall before check-out and the wife was staying back in the room accompanying our napping 6 month old baby.

Some of the hotel employees were a little over exuberant slamming a door to the supply closet located adjacent to our room. My wife politely asked the maids to close the door softly due to our sleeping baby. Soon after speaking with the housekeepers, the offending door slammed again. This caused the little guy to startle from his nap at each slam. With each reattempt to put the baby back to sleep, Mom’s patience was waning, she was not happy.

Though the slamming doors were a nuisance, finally Natan had fell into a deep sleep, but then suddenly the hotel fire alarm sounded off. A loud commercial building fire alarm is not a comfortable way to awaken a sleeping 6 month old. Frantic screaming and crying ensued. Now Mom wasn’t just a little irritated, she was pissed!

If you have never experienced a latin mother angry, believe me you do not want to. Let’s just say they can get a little emotional. I like to refer to it as passion.

Everybody on the floor jumped out of their rooms, including a couple of senior ladies who according to my wife “nearly had a heart attack.” She passed them in the hall while storming down to the lobby with our crying son in her arms. Upon arrival to the lobby, noticing that there was no alarm there and all was normal, Pucha went searching for a manager to let them know that she was not happy at all.

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Pucha found the manager on duty, a young lady by the name of Laura Muñoz. I can only imagine that Laura did not get a word in while Mom was umh…not so calmly…”passionately” explaining how she felt about the slamming doors and eardrum popping fire alarm currently sounding off on the fifth floor.

By the time I had returned from my quick shopping trip and arrived to the room a bell boy was loading up our luggage. I was slightly surprised, I thought we were leaving later. Pucha began to explain what had transpired a few moments before. Our son was playing on the bed as if nothing had happened. I did not hear anything or smell smoke so honestly I did not think much of the incidence. “Everything is fine, babies fine, no permanent damage,” I said, not the best thing to say to a fired up latin women, but I am used to the passion by now.

We headed down to the lobby to check out and I was met by Ms. Muñoz as I aimed for the reception, she spoke perfect english and looked as if she had just graduated university. She explained our bill was taken care of by the hotel and she handed me a voucher for a two night stay complements of the house. Laura professionally apologized for the incidence with the faulty fire alarm and for the uncourteous housekeepers.

She explained that the alarm was some sort of system glitch and that it was out of their hands, but technicians were on the way to find out what happened. It could have happened to anyone I thought, totally understandable.

As for the housekeepers slamming doors, Laura assured me that management would immediately form a meeting to address noise issues taking into concern that guests, especially small children, can still be sleeping no matter what hour it is.

While I stood there with a free two night voucher in my hand, not having to pay our bill, listening to Laura apologizing, I thought to myself…two things are happening here that are extreme rarities to witness when dealing with a business in Panama.  One, if there is a screw up the business representative will rarely admit it. Two, if there is a obvious error on their part and they do admit it the business will rarely compensate you in an attempt to “make it right.”

Anyone like me who is from the “first world” and has spent extensive time here in Panama doing business knows of what I speak. Not to be stereotypical but it is the rare business professional here in Panama that understands the principles “the buck stops here” or “the customer is always right.”

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Well now I know one who does understand customer service and she is a young, enthusiastic, very professional manager at Tryp Wyndham named Ms. Laura Muñoz and if I could I would award her a certificate or medal for the way she handled the situation. The girl deserves a raise!

This was a first for me to be apologized to and offered a very reasonable compensation for a problem.

So we checked out and went on our way. Pucha agreed with me that it was a rarity and unique to be offered the free stay and comped the room from hotel management.

It was a few months later before we returned to take advantage of our voucher. When we arrived Laura met us at the lobby with our room keys and a smile welcoming us back.

Once in our room we noticed that it was located on the extreme opposite side of the floor from the supply closet.  Laura took notes!

We had a great second stay, no fire alarms, no slammed doors and no unexpected wake-ups from nap time. All was right with the world.

I highly recommend the Tryp Wyndham for a comfortable stay, it is a great hotel for anyone needing a hotel close to Albrook Mall, the regional airport or the bus terminal.  I know I will gladly pay to stay there again.

Enjoy your stay!