Tantalo Hotel, Kitchen, Rooftop, Panama City, Panama

Tantalo Kitchen, Hotel Rooftop, Panama City, Panama

Tantalo Kitchen, Hotel Rooftop, Panama City, Panama

The more time I spend in Panama the more and more I fall in love with it.  I love talking about her, writing about her and experiencing the things she has to offer.  When the opportunity comes up for me to share Panama FIRST HAND with the ones I love I jump a the chance.  I just love to play tour guide!

A few weeks ago my sweet friend Will came for a weekend in the city.  (BTDubs…There is so much you can do in 72 hours in the city.  Check back for  future articles on weekend get a ways within Panama.)  I was so happy to share a little bit of the city I love with a first time visitor.

One of our favorite places we visited was Tantalo Hotel / Kitchen / Rooftop.  Tantalo is located in Casco Viejo on Avenue B and 8th Street.  As of right now Tantalo is currently one of my favorite eateries in Panama City.  The food is PHENOMENAL, the service is impeccable and the atmosphere is stellar.

The evening started with  cocktails and several choices from their extensive wine list.  Fair prices and strong pours made the night the perfect amount of blurry.  Small plates of Tamarind Beef tenderloin, Eggplant Crostini and Beef Sliders followed and filled our bellies with  deliciousness.  The service was over the top!  At one point I leaned over to Will and asked; “Does it seem like we’re getting a lot of attention?!?!”  I’m a sucker for attention!!! I loved it!

The restaurant itself looks up into the hotel.  High top tables made from reclaimed lumber from the Panama Canal, low tops made from vintage suitcases, natural outdoor lighting and a two-story tall ”living wall” covered with 983 plants from five different species that are nurtured with rainwater collected from the roof. Tantalo truly is a green destination..From the art on the walls made with repurposed materials to the reusable glass, cork top water bottles that serve filtered water instead of the plastic kind.

After dinner we made our way to the rooftop for cocktails, dancing and great views of the city.  The bartenders were quick with the drinks and the atmosphere was great.

Tantalo truly is destination worth visiting.  It’s a one stop shop for an evening out.  Find yourself a handsome date like I did and You will not be disappointed.  I guarantee!