Refugio la Brisa del Diablo Unique Hip Gourmet Bed and Breakfast

Gourmet bed and breakfast panama

Finally! There is a great place to stay along the mountain road between David and Almirante, launching point to caribbean paradise Bocas del Toro. Refugio la Brisa del Diablo is a Bed and Breakfast with a unique location and style. Perched on a hillside with a incredible view of Panama's highest peak Volcan, 50 minutes from David and … [Read more...]

Rio Sereno Panama to San Vito Costa Rica


For those border crossing travelers entering or exiting either Panama or Costa Rica by land who are looking for a low-key border junction, look no further than Rio Sereno, Panama. Rio Sereno is only a few miles from the beautiful Costa Rican town of San Vito. Rio Sereno is about a 45 minute drive from the mountain town of Volcan in the … [Read more...]

Cerro Punta Panama Produce Producer

cerro punta panama

Cerro Punta is the heart of the produce production of Panama. I took a drive up to visit the Parque Amistad Internacional de la Amistad on a recent trip to Volcan. Although hiking in the park was fun, I was more impressed just driving around Cerro Punta. People are growing vegetables everywhere, in their yards, on the sides of the road, … [Read more...]

Panama Produce

panama produce, vegatables, smoothie

While leaving David, back to Pedasi, I could not help but buy a bag of produce that was being offered road-side. Five bucks for about 15 pounds of fresh veggies from Cerro Punta, near Volcan. I could not believe how much produce there was for this price. Once I got home and cleaned the fresh vegetables to save in the fridge I could not … [Read more...]

Volcan Baru

Boquete, Chiriqui, David, Volcano

Volcan Baru in Chiriqui is almost solely visible in the mornings before being covered by clouds.  The past weekend while heading up to Boquete the sky was as clear as ever.  I took a moment to snap a shot before the clouds moved in.  You can see the huge gorges gouged out by ancient lava flows along the face.  It's claimed that the last … [Read more...]

Nancito Panama Chiriqui Archeological Site

chiriqui, veraguas, david, panama, petrogliphs, archeological site, archeology

When driving through Chiriqui on your way to David, Playa la Barqueta, Boquete or Volcan a great place to stop for a moment is the small town of Nancito.  Nancito is located just after the check point at the border of the provinces of Chiriqui and Veraguas coming from Santiago.  There is a small sign and a bus stop marking the turn off up … [Read more...]



Panama Travel and Maps Panama Stats and Facts Panama Language Schools Panama News Sources Panama Government Bureacracies           … [Read more...]

Boquete Tree Trek Zip-LIne

Boquete Zip Line

I was fortunate to have good friends come down from Florida and visit me here in Panama.  They were nice enough to let me be their tour guide and pay my way to go do some of the tourist things available here in Panama.  Unlike most of my buddy's from back home, that always only want to surf and drink cheap beer, this crew wanted to … [Read more...]

Volcan Chiriqui Sitio Barriles

Pottery at Sitio Barriles

I had the pleasure to visit the famous archeological site in Volcan, Panama called Sitio Barriles.  Volcan is located in Chiriqui in the Cordillera de Talamanca mountain range. The site is on a private property and unfortunately the day my friends and I arrived the owner was not there to show us around to give us her first hand … [Read more...]



Santiago is located equally between David (in Chiriqui) and Panama City on the Pan-American Highway. Santiago in Veraguas Province, is the place to turn south to go to Santa Catalina, turn north to the mountain hide-away of Santa Fe,  just a few minutes from Atalaya, the turn off to the Veraguas Coast, and only twenty-five minutes away … [Read more...]