Old Town Santa Fe, Panama

Old Town Santa Fe, Panama

See photo at right. Yup. That's it. If you're saying to yourself, "self, that looks a lot like a pasture with some cows in it." You're right! That's exactly what it is and that is exactly the consensus of most the people in Santa Fe. But, the government came in and said that this very cow filled pasture is where the first settlers … [Read more...]

Panama Surfer Oli Jean Carlos

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Oli, as he is known here, is one of the most talented young Panamanian surfers. Here he is tearing it up at one of the best beach breaks in Panama. Charlie … [Read more...]

Santiago Veraguas Park

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The Santiago park in the center of town was remodeled a few years ago. It's named after ex-president Juan D. Arosemena. It's a beautiful park with a gazebo and beautiful flower covered arbors. There is a large catholic church next to the park and also the Museo Regional de Veraguas (museum), Banco Nacional and the Municipalidad de … [Read more...]

Nancito Panama Chiriqui Archeological Site

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When driving through Chiriqui on your way to David, Playa la Barqueta, Boquete or Volcan a great place to stop for a moment is the small town of Nancito.  Nancito is located just after the check point at the border of the provinces of Chiriqui and Veraguas coming from Santiago.  There is a small sign and a bus stop marking the turn off up … [Read more...]

Santiago Veraguas Bus Station

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While waiting for my sister to arrive by bus from Panama City I wandered around the Santiago bus station. Like most in Panama the station is well organized and bustling with passengers coming and going. Buses in Panama are an easy, cheap form of travel. Almost all the provinces have a major bus station, called a terminal, with direct … [Read more...]

Torio Beach Panama Evening Sunset

Torio Beach Sunset

Not to long ago some old high school friends from Florida came down on a surf vacation. The swell was unseasonably small so instead of just hanging around the Azuero and surfing at Playa Venao and other local breaks we hit the road and went up to Chiriqui and then back down into the Veraguas coast  to surf my favorite beach break, … [Read more...]

Torio Panama Ludvigs Towers

Ludvigs Restaurant Torio Panama

Most of the time while traveling down the Veraguas Coast and surfing in Morillo or Mariato I end up staying at Ludvigs.  The business license says Ludvigs Towers, but everyone knows the place as simply "Ludvig's." Ludvig is a Norwegian ex-pat business man who owns a large real estate development, hotel, restaurant, and bakery in … [Read more...]



Santiago is located equally between David (in Chiriqui) and Panama City on the Pan-American Highway. Santiago in Veraguas Province, is the place to turn south to go to Santa Catalina, turn north to the mountain hide-away of Santa Fe,  just a few minutes from Atalaya, the turn off to the Veraguas Coast, and only twenty-five minutes away … [Read more...]

Santa Fe

The River in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is located just a short drive north into the mountains above Santiago, Panama.  Santa Fe is a beautiful mountain town with cool temperatures similar to, but not as cold as the highlands in Chiriqui. Santa Fe has gorgeous clean rivers for swimming, amazing mountain views, hiking and bird watching.  One can venture farther up … [Read more...]