Panama Viejo, Historic “Old Panama”

Panama Viejo

Panama Viejo ("old Panama") was founded in August of 1519 making it the oldest Spanish settlement on the Pacific Coast.  In 1671 the town was destroyed when Captain Henry Morgan invaded.  It was never rebuilt.  Panama Viejo was declared a historic site in 1976 and has since been under governmental protection.  In 2003 the site was added … [Read more...]

Clinica San Fernando, Coronado, Panama

Clinica San Fernando, Coronado, Panama

A few weeks ago I had to visit the doctor.  I was fine, just along for moral support with a friend who broke her nose.  We were in San Carlos, Panama when it happened so we took the 15 minute drive to the Pacific coast beach community of Coronado to a private clinic that was recommended by some friends. Within two hours and for under … [Read more...]

Carnival in Los Santos, Panama, Culecos

Carnival in Panama only comes once a year. Thank goodness.  I was fortunate to spend a few days with friends in the neighboring town of Los Santos. It was an absolute blast. One of the highlights of the event for me was crossing off a couple of things on my bucket list.  One of those things was to have a crowd of people chant my name. … [Read more...]

Carnaval in Panama, Pedasi, Los Santos Province

Carnival in Panama, Pedasi, Los Santos Province

Panamanian Carnaval is considered the second largest festival in the world...OF ALL FESTIVALS.  And where is the center of the action? Right here, in the Los Santos province of Panama, particularly home...where I live. Carnaval is celebrated throughout the country of Panama but the festivities in this part of the country … [Read more...]

Beach trip with friends, Playa el Toro, Pedasi, Panama

Playa el Toro, Peadasi, Panama

Nothing is better than a trip to the beach with friends.  Playa el Toro is my neighborhood beach and a few weeks ago I made the 20 minute walk to it.  My friend Scotti came with me! Click through the gallery below to see Scotti and I having a blast at the beach! ~Lauren   … [Read more...]

Home Sweet Home, Cabanas Potosi in El Valle, Panama


Finding a place to stay can make or break your experience in any area.  On my most recent trip to El Valle I satayed at the Cabanas Potosi.  The proprietors, Dennis and Mireya, were truly the most gracious hosts. Upon arriving in El Valle Dennis came to the bus stop to pick me up and take me to the Cabanas.  On the way he gave me a … [Read more...]

Mama Fefa’s Restaurant Pedasi

pedasi, restaurant, food, comida, fonda, los santos, travel, panama

WHERE'S MY EGGS? A breakfast out in Pedasi Panama is a treat. So different from the standard American breakfast. However, sometimes you want those eggs and they are not so easily found in the true Panmanian restaurants. Well, Mama Fefa has them and she knows how to cook them. Along with those hojaldres (fried panamanian bread) … [Read more...]

Pedasi Real Estate

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If you are looking for property, there are several real estate offices in Pedasi Panama along Calle Centro. They can assist you infinding a vacant lot, an older house for refurbishing, a new house in a seaside development, acreage (hectares) condominiums etc. It is all here in Pedasi. If you want to get "out of town" there are beautiful … [Read more...]

Pedasi Hardware Stores

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HARDWARE IN A HURRY As I have mentioned before in other articles, being a retired single woman in Pedasi can sometimes be interesting. A classic case for needing hardware in a hurry happened to me when my toilet handle broke. After having it repaired, replaced etc. twice before by a gentleman, I decided to take matters into my own … [Read more...]

Mario Bernal, Bird Watcher, El Valle, Panama


Mario Bernal is a naturalist by heart and an avid birder.  He has dedicated his life to studying the flora, fauna and natural beauty of  Panama. For many years he was a member of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and is widely considered the top guide for nature oriented tours in Panama.  Mario also leads an environmental … [Read more...]