Playa Venao Hotel Resort Luxury Training Ground for Pucha Garcia

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Playa Venao Hotel Resort is without doubt the most luxurious place to stay on the beach at Playa Venao. The area's largest infinity swimming pool, great ocean view restaurant seating, quality gym, immaculate lawn and grounds, large comfortable suites and impressive attentive service all contribute to a incredible stay for even the most … [Read more...]

ISA World Surfing Championships in Playa Santa Catalina

Oli Santa Catalina

Local boy Oli Camerena takes it to the pros in Santa Catalina! Like most participants of a sport, the more one practices and improves in a sport, the more one enjoys watching a talented participant of that sport. Surfing is no different. When any average surfer sees a talented surfer in the water ripping the waves apart they take … [Read more...]

Panama Surfing Guide

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Though this is a video that I made some years ago, I have never featured it here at The Panama Portal. It's a short video of a surf trip I took with my friends Dexter and Graciela from Panama Surfing Guide. The wave featured in the video is a long right hander that only breaks on the perfect tides and swell. This day we scored! I would … [Read more...]

Surf Lesson, Palmar, Panama

Palmar Surf Lesson

Recently a friend came for a quick visit with the primary goal of learning how to surf.  So we headed to Palmar, Panama on the Pacific Coast  The winds and waves all cooperated and he was able to get some good time in the water with a great instructor named Tiffany.  I have to be honest, I've never tried to surf...mainly because it looks … [Read more...]

Morillo Panama Teen Surf Trip

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Few surf breaks here in Panama get me as excited as Morillo. What was once nearly an unknown surf break on the Veraguas Coast is now a popular destination for most Panamanian surfers with a dependable vehicle. The wave is one of the most consistent breaks in Panama, it's rare to find waves there under head high. When my local break of … [Read more...]

Playa Venao Week Day – Surfing Skating and Naked Trike Riding

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When the waves are good at Playa Venao and there is hardly anyone in the water surfing, even if it's a weekday, I just have to paddle out. Responsibilities can wait till mañana. Wednesday this week was one of those days.  The surf at playa Venao was not perfect, but it was fun and nearly empty.  Waves were breaking everywhere going … [Read more...]

All in a Day’s Work at Playa Venao.


It's not all work here at The Panama But even when it is, with views like this, who could complain?! Take a look at The Portal's recent field trip to Playa Venao. Happy Working! ~Lauren … [Read more...]

Panama Surf Trip – Mocca Point

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It was my inaugural surfing trip and boy was it a good one. A short walk down a rickety pier into what I can only imagine were crocodile infested waters. A paddle across the river and a quick jaunt down the beach to...another river. This one with currents. Another trip down the beach and we made it to our destination, Mocca Point. The … [Read more...]

Panama Surfer Oli Jean Carlos

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Oli, as he is known here, is one of the most talented young Panamanian surfers. Here he is tearing it up at one of the best beach breaks in Panama. Charlie … [Read more...]

Playa Venao Resort

Los Santos, Pedasi, Resort, Hotel, Panama

Since the seven years I have been living in Panama I have seen many changes. One major change is the development at Playa Venao. Where once stood a small rustic open air restaurant and four nearly crumbling cabins is now a large sprawling ocean front hotel complex complete with infinity pool. Yes, times are changing at my local surf break … [Read more...]