Bocas del Drago Panama

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At the far side of Isla Colon directly opposite of Bocas Town and at the end of the road lies Bocas del Drago. Bocas del Drago is the quickest way to arrive to popular Playa Estrella. We spent a morning at Bocas del Drago, taking advantage of the good light, for a video shoot of Pucha Garcia with popular surf video clip producer Erik … [Read more...]

Playa Estrella, Bocas del Toro, Panama


  Playa Estrella or Starfish Beach for you English speaking folks is just that....a beautiful beach with starfish!  Rumor has it that just a few years ago you could barely walk through the waters without stepping on starfish.  Now, you have to search for them but they are there.  Ask any of the folks working on the island and … [Read more...]