River Deep Mountain High-Mountains and Hiking in Santa Fe, Panama


Do, I love you my oh myyyyyyyyy! River deep mountain highhhhh!  Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh! In my mind it sounds just like Tina Turner when I sing it!  Like I mentioned in my Rivers of Santa Fe post,  I couldn't help but belt out the Ike and Tina classic while traipsing up and down the mountainsides in Santa Fe, Panama.  Now that I think about, … [Read more...]

River Deep Mountain High-River fun in Santa Fe, Panama

River Deep Mountain High, Santa Fe, Panama

I could help but sing the Ike and Tina Turner classic while I was parading through Santa Fe, Panama.  Everywhere you look there are deep rivers and high mountains!  My guide Cele probably thought I was a crazy person as I would burst into song and do my best Tina Turner dance while wading through a river or hiking through the … [Read more...]

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls. Santa Fe, Panama

Waterfalls, Santa Fe, Panama

There are two things in the natural world that I am obsessed with.  Crop Circles and Waterfalls.  This is a post about waterfalls. Currently Santa Fe, Panama is on the top of my list as one of the most beautiful places in the country. I come form the Gulf Coast of Florida (Pensacola, woot woot!)...below sea level.  You put me four … [Read more...]

Coffee Farm and Reforestation in Santa Fe, Panama

Coffee Plantation and Reforestation, Santa Fe, Panama

Earlier I wrote about my visit to the Cafe El Tute coffee factory in Santa Fe, Panama.  I'm sure you are just DYING to know where all the coffee comes from. Like I said in the El Tute article, all of the coffee that is processed at the plant comes from farmers in the Santa Fe and surrounding areas.  This is actually a pretty common … [Read more...]

Artisan House, Santa Fe, Panama

The Artisan House, Santa Fe, Panama

Right down the street from the Coffee Mountain Inn and the Orchid House is another house worth a visit...The Artisan House! The Artisan House is your one stop shop to pick up all those sweet little souvenirs for people back home.  From hand sewn molas to ornate jewelry even local coffee.  The Artisan House doesn't have much but I'm … [Read more...]

Orchid House, Santa Fe, Panama

Orchid House, Santa Fe, Panama

The Orchid House in Santa Fe is the private home of a woman who once was the mayor of Santa Fe.  And I am so sorry but for the life of me I cannot remember her name!  She and her husband will graciously open their home for you to come and view their private collection of orchids. At her home alone she has over 150 different species of … [Read more...]

Coffee Mountain Inn, Santa Fe, Panama

Coffee Mountain Inn, Santa Fe, Panama

A few months ago I came into contact with Celestino and Chaeli, owners of the Coffee Mountain Inn in Santa Fe, Panama.  They were in the process of building an Inn in the area and invited me to come check out the place and see what all Santa Fe has to offer. And boy am I glad I went! From the moment I arrived Celestino went out of his … [Read more...]

Santa Fe

The River in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is located just a short drive north into the mountains above Santiago, Panama.  Santa Fe is a beautiful mountain town with cool temperatures similar to, but not as cold as the highlands in Chiriqui. Santa Fe has gorgeous clean rivers for swimming, amazing mountain views, hiking and bird watching.  One can venture farther up … [Read more...]