Cevichito’s Ceviche, San Carlos, Panama

Cevichito's, San Carlos, Panama

About three hours outside of Panama City, just at the town of San Carlos is a dive restaurant and bar called Cevichito's.  You'll know it by the large green building and the bus that is probably parked outside.  Cevichito's is a common place for buses making the drive from Panama City to points beyond to stop for a quick bite.  For under … [Read more...]

Clinica San Fernando, Coronado, Panama

Clinica San Fernando, Coronado, Panama

A few weeks ago I had to visit the doctor.  I was fine, just along for moral support with a friend who broke her nose.  We were in San Carlos, Panama when it happened so we took the 15 minute drive to the Pacific coast beach community of Coronado to a private clinic that was recommended by some friends. Within two hours and for under … [Read more...]

Playa El Palmar

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Bay View Resort at Playa El Palmar has been our hangout during the two Discovering Surfing Talents contests held at Playa Serena in Coronado. Pucha is friends with the owners of the ocean side resort, so it's out first pick for availability. Playa El Palmar is a small beach front community located just to the west of the small town of … [Read more...]

Discovering Surfing Talents Contest Two

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The point at Playa Serena in Coronado hosted better waves than forecasted for the second event of the Discovering Surfing Talents.  The swell was only reported to be around one foot, which normally means flatness at Playa Serena, but this weekend the Pacific Ocean gave a little extra, just enough for the grommets to catch some fun waves. … [Read more...]

Playa Coronado Area

la bahia de panama

Playa Coronado is aptly called the "gold coast of Panama."  Coronado and the surrounding beaches have the highest concentration of high end real estate outside of the city.  Beach front mansions, condos and golf courses are sprouting up everywhere along this stretch of Pacific Coast.  It is the go to place for the rich and famous of … [Read more...]