Dolce Idea Gelato, Casco Viejo, Panama

Dolce Idea Gelato

At Plaza Bolivar in Casco Viejo, Dolce Idea is the place to go to beat the heat. For just a few bucks you can get two scoops of delicious and homemade gelato. I went with my two favorites, coconut and Nutella! What a perfect combination!  It was a hot day so most of it ended up dripping down my arms but it was so worth it! Stop by … [Read more...]

Gran Hotel Azuero Chitre

gran hotel azuero panama

The best lunch that I have found in Chitre is at the Gran Hotel Azuero located on the main road coming into Chitre from Divisa. The Gran Hotel Azuero is Chitre’s newest hotel. I have to spend many hours in Chitre running errands. At least once every week or so I have something I need to do there. If I am in Chitre during lunch hours … [Read more...]

Café Limón Bed and Breakfast near Pedasi


Named after the small community where it is located, Café Limón is a great place to stay on the outskirts of Pedasi. Café Limón is a popular bed and breakfast with wifi and an attached cafe. Owned by a young american named Devin and his Panamanian wife, Café Limón is a comfortable hotel with spacious rooms connected to a large communal … [Read more...]

Martín Fierro Argentinian Steak House, Panama City Panama

Martín Fierro Argentinian Steak House, Panama City Panama

Named after the Argentinian epic literary hero who wandered the plains, Martin Fierro Steak House is a place any weary traveler would want to stop.  The smells pouring out onto the streets are enough to stop you in your tracks.  Martin Fierro is the place to go if you love meat and aren't afraid of a satisfying meal. Main courses start … [Read more...]

Rosa Mexicana, Panama City, Panama

Rosa Mexicana, Panama City, Panama

If there is one thing that I consistently need in my life it's good Mexican food.  I happen to be from a town that has the greatest Mexican restaurant in the world so I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to my rellenos, enchiladas verdes and, most importantly, my guacamole. Rosa Mexicana is located in the Marbella neighborhood of Panama … [Read more...]

La Rana Dorada, Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama

La Rana Dorada, Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama

If you've read through my blog here on The Panama Portal then you know I'm a fan of craft beers.  One of my favorite places to fill that need is La Rana Dorada.  Since my first visit to the el Cangrejo location I have been told numerous times that I had to visit the Casco Viejo location and try the pizza.  A few weeks ago I was in the … [Read more...]

What Do You Eat in Panama?

Eating in Panama

  Probably the number one question people back home ask is “What do you eat in Panama?”  It’s a great question. Grocery stores are everywhere in Panama and they are all stocked with very recognizable foods and brands.  Every town (even the tiny ones) have a “mini super” that sells all your basic groceries.  Some of them … [Read more...]

Eating while in Santa Fe, Panama

Eating in Santa Fe, Panama

The food situation in Santa Fe leaves little to the imagination. Most places you will find open and serving are your typical Panamanian "fonda" places.  You'll have a choice of chicken, beef maybe pork that will be served with rice, beans and some sort of salad (think more cabbage and potatoes and less romaine and veggies).  It's all … [Read more...]

Infused Rum at Villa Pedasia – Pedasi, Panama

Infused Rum, Pedasi, Panama

It seems like rum is one of the official drinks of Panama.  Especially Ron Abuelo.  I always like it when places put their own twist on things and a place in Pedasi does just that by infusing coconut and pineapple into their rum.  It's super tasty and super strong.  Next time your in Pedasi, visit Villa Pedasia and give one of them (or … [Read more...]

Sancocho, A Panamanian Classic

Panama restaurants

Throughout my travels I've become very accustomed to a high starch diet.  In most parts of the world rice and beans are a staple with every meal.  Salads and veggies are a very American/European thing.  Unfortunately, rice, beans and plantains are not conducive to keeping a girlish figure. But in Panama, they love their … [Read more...]