Pucha Garcia’s 2013 Calendar – Behind the Scenes Video!

Pucha Garcia Calendar 2013

For your viewing pleasure...Pucha Garcia's 2013 Calendar Behind the Scenes Video!  With special appearances by yours truly! :-) Enjoy! ~Lauren … [Read more...]

Fast food in Panama


For those of you who can't live without the artery clogging and the heart attack inducing fast foods then don't fret.  Panama has an ample supply of McDonalds, Taco Bells, Dominos and just about any other fast food chain you require. While out shopping one day Pucha and I needed to quell our craving for some good old fashioned southern … [Read more...]

Department Stores in Panama – Madison

shopping, chitre

"Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping." After getting settled into my new house in Pedasi it was time to do a little "nesting."  The closest shopping center to Pedasi is about an hour away in Chitre.  The first stop was Madison which is like a JCPenny's on crack.  The first floor is all … [Read more...]

Puchas Gym Pedasi

Puchas Corner

FAT OR FIT IN PEDASI If you are fat and want to trim down and shape up, Pucha's in Pedasi is just the place.  She has instruction, classes and if you just want to do your maintenance thing she has the equipment to keep you fit.  Pucha is a bronze medal winning surfer representing her country of Panama proudly.  Pucha won … [Read more...]