Playa Destiladeros Surf

playa destiladeros

Only a few minutes by car south of Pedasi is a beautiful set of beaches locally called Destiladeros. To find the turn off just look for the Cafe Limon sign on the left hand side of the highway, only minutes outside of Pedasi when driving towards Playa Venao. Destiladeros is the name of a tiny community just up the road from these … [Read more...]

Playa Panamaes, Pedasi Panama

azuero beach

Like many quiet beautiful beaches here in Panama, Playa Panamaes is at the end of the road. Only a short drive from Pedasi, Panamaes is near the small village of Destiladeros. The areas best luxury hotel, Villa Camila, is located in Destiladeros. Azueros, a high end neighborhood and Villa Romana, a great hotel, are located along … [Read more...]

Playa Los Destiladeros Azuero Panama

pedasi, azuero, villa camila

One of the location shots for Pucha Garcias 2013 Calendar shoot was playa los Destiladeros.  Los Destiladeros is at the end of the newly paved road near Villa Camila and the Azuero Lofts and residences. Like most of the beaches in Panama the beach was deserted.  We arrived shortly after sunrise to take advantage of the good light for … [Read more...]