Pantay Restaurant Playa Coronado Panama

Coronado Panama Pantay

Sunday evening after checking out of the condo, tired and hungry from spending the day at the Discovering Surfing Talents, we headed to Pantay Restaurant in Playa Coronado. Pantay restaurant is probably my new personal favorite in Playa Coronado.  They have a variety of different food options from Filet Mignon to hamburgers and fish … [Read more...]

Don Chacho Grill Playa Coronado Panama

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Don Chacho Grill in Playa Coronado was recently one of the sponsors of the Discovering Surfing Talents kids surf contest held at Playa Serena.  Kalani won a gift certificate from the popular restaurant.  He invited Pucha and I to lunch immediately after winning the certificate, the boy was hungry after two days of fierce competition, so … [Read more...]