Cevichito’s Ceviche, San Carlos, Panama

Cevichito's, San Carlos, Panama

About three hours outside of Panama City, just at the town of San Carlos is a dive restaurant and bar called Cevichito's.  You'll know it by the large green building and the bus that is probably parked outside.  Cevichito's is a common place for buses making the drive from Panama City to points beyond to stop for a quick bite.  For under … [Read more...]

Clinica San Fernando, Coronado, Panama

Clinica San Fernando, Coronado, Panama

A few weeks ago I had to visit the doctor.  I was fine, just along for moral support with a friend who broke her nose.  We were in San Carlos, Panama when it happened so we took the 15 minute drive to the Pacific coast beach community of Coronado to a private clinic that was recommended by some friends. Within two hours and for under … [Read more...]

Palmar Puppies! Palmar, Panama

Palmar Puppies, Palmar, Panama

I spent a couple of days on the beach in Palmar with my friend last week.  One of my favorite things to do was every morning take the pups for a swim in the Pacific.  I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, us or the dogs. Playa Palmar is a black sand beach on the Pacific Coast about one and a half hours outside of the city.  It's a small … [Read more...]

Rancho Los Toros, El Palmar, Panama

Rancho Los Toros, El Palmar, Panama

  Rancho Los Toros could more appropriately be called an oasis. Like a mirage in the middle of the desert Rancho Los Toros is totally unexpected.  Just past Coronado you take the turn off for a little town called Nance. A fee miles down the road and you'll find yourself at Rancho Los Toros. A compound made up of private … [Read more...]

La Bahia Condominium Gorgona Panama

Playa Coronado

Playa Gorgona Panama is a small community just before you reach Playa Coronado. Last weekend while we were supporting the young surfers at the Discovering Surfing Talents held in Playa Serena, we had the pleasure of using a condo of a friend in Gorgona called La Bahia or The Bay. La Bahia is a large ocean front condo comparable to the … [Read more...]

Discovering Surfing Talents Contest 3 Day 2

Discovering Surfing Talents, Playa Serena, Playa Coronado, Panama Surfing, Surf Panama

Once again, the Discovering Surfing Talents kids surfing contest held at Playa Serena Coronado, Panama was a great time. This was the largest group of young surfers yet to participate in the event. There was barely enough time in the weekend to finish the contest. Heats ran all the way until nearly 5pm in the afternoon on … [Read more...]

Discovering Surfing Talents Contest 3 Day 1

Playa Serena, Coronado, Panama Surfer, Discovering Surfing Talents

Discovering Surfing Talents is hosting another fun grommet surf contest at Playa Serena in Coronado.  Today finished the first day of heats.  Tomorrow the kids battle it out in the finals for the chance to win prizes and Panamanian grommet glory. Unfortunately, the waves were really small today, but since the average competitor weight … [Read more...]

Bay View Resort El Palmar Panama

El Palmar, playa, beach, hotel, restaurant, coronado, panama, travel, bar

During the second kids surf contest of the Discovering Surfing Talents we stayed at the Bay View Resort in El Palmar.  The Bay View Resort is one of the few ocean front hotels in the area of Playa Coronado.  It was probably one of, if not the first, beach front hotels in the area. The Bay View Resort has  a nice pool setting surrounded … [Read more...]

Don Chacho Grill Playa Coronado Panama

chicken, steaks, restaurant, playa coronado, serena, panama, restaurant, travel

Don Chacho Grill in Playa Coronado was recently one of the sponsors of the Discovering Surfing Talents kids surf contest held at Playa Serena.  Kalani won a gift certificate from the popular restaurant.  He invited Pucha and I to lunch immediately after winning the certificate, the boy was hungry after two days of fierce competition, so … [Read more...]

Cholo’s Mexican Restaurant Playa Coronado Panama

playa coronado, restaurant, panama, travel

  In Playa Coronado Panama the best place to eat Mexican food is at Cholo's Mexican Restaurant.  Actually, Cholo's may be the only place to get Mexican food in Coronado.   Cholo's is a family owned establishment run by Owen and his mexican born wife. Owen has to be one of the most attentive restaurant owners in Panama. He … [Read more...]