Pacific Coast, Fishing and the Freshest Catch Around, Pedasi, Panama

Pacific Coast, Fishing and the Freshest Catch Around, Pedasi, Panama

Being born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida I know and love fresh seafood.  So when the hankering for fish hit me I took a trip just down the road to Playa Arenal and waited for the boats to come in. Playa Arenal is the first beach you come to when driving through Pedasi.  Take a left at the filling station and follow the road … [Read more...]

Beach trip with friends, Playa el Toro, Pedasi, Panama

Playa el Toro, Peadasi, Panama

Nothing is better than a trip to the beach with friends.  Playa el Toro is my neighborhood beach and a few weeks ago I made the 20 minute walk to it.  My friend Scotti came with me! Click through the gallery below to see Scotti and I having a blast at the beach! ~Lauren   … [Read more...]

Pucha Garcia Calendar 2013 PARTY!!!

Pucha Garcia Calendar 2013

Last weekend was a crazy one here on the pacific coast of Panama. Specifically at Playa Venao. Saturday night was the premier party for Pucha Garcia's 2013 calendar "I Love Surf". And what a party it was!!! The festivities took place at El Sitio at Playa Venao. There was free beer, DJ's, dancing, food and so much fun!  But the true … [Read more...]

Futbol in Pedasi, Panama

Futbol in Pedasi, Panama

I’ve never been a huge fan of American football but the more I live and travel abroad (and the more non-American men I date!) the more I become a fan of soccer, or futbol as it’s known in Panama. Some of the fellas in Pedasi have a team and they get together and play/practice a few times a week. I wondered over last Tuesday and snapped … [Read more...]

Infused Rum at Villa Pedasia – Pedasi, Panama

Infused Rum, Pedasi, Panama

It seems like rum is one of the official drinks of Panama.  Especially Ron Abuelo.  I always like it when places put their own twist on things and a place in Pedasi does just that by infusing coconut and pineapple into their rum.  It's super tasty and super strong.  Next time your in Pedasi, visit Villa Pedasia and give one of them (or … [Read more...]

Playa El Toro – Pedasi, Panama


In Panama you are never far away from a beach.  Pacific or Caribbean they are always close by.  What amazes me is that you can go to these beaches and they will be completely deserted!  That was the case at Playa El Toro this week.  Some friends and I visited and had the place pretty much to ourselves.  What a nice way to spend a few … [Read more...]

Smiling Faces in Pedasi

Smiling Pedasi Faces!

I know I always post about how great Pedasi is but it is currently my home so I’m a little partial.  October and November brings a lot of celebrations to the area.  At one of these celebrations I had camera in hand and was snapping away.  When going through the photos my heart was so warmed and filled by all the smiling faces. Click … [Read more...]

Street Style – Pedasi, Panama – Niño’s Edition!

Street Style - Pedasi, Panama - Nino's Edition!

Two of my favorite things in the world are children and fashion and in Pedasi this weekend there were plenty of both! It was the annual "desfile de carretas and toros suelto en el parque" - which translates loosely to "annual folkloric festival topped off with bulls being let loose in the Pedasi town park".  (Read more about the … [Read more...]

Pedasi Running with the Bulls Video

pedasi bulls on parade

This upcoming weekend is the annual "Tradicional Desfile de Carretas" or Traditional Cart Parade. Each year Pedasi clubs and near-by pueblos parade through town livestock drawn carts celebrating local traditions. It's a lively party, with people singing dancing and beating drums to old traditional tunes. The event gets really crazy … [Read more...]

Pedasi Light Bikes

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These bikes are the coolest ever. If you are young, not old enough to drive and still want to "pimp" your ride. Just light your bike man. Pure Panamanian creativity and ingenuity. Complete with air horn. Pedasi kids lighting it up on two wheels. Awesome!     … [Read more...]