Playa Destiladeros, Panama

Playa Destiladeros, Panama

Playa Destiladeros is located where the road ends in Pedasi.  Head down the main road and go left a the fork when you get to Limon.  Over some bridges and through some woods and then, like I said, the road a beautiful and pristine Pacific Coast beach.  A friend and I spent a day on Destiladeros walking, swimming and picking up … [Read more...]

Pacific Coast, Fishing and the Freshest Catch Around, Pedasi, Panama

Pacific Coast, Fishing and the Freshest Catch Around, Pedasi, Panama

Being born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida I know and love fresh seafood.  So when the hankering for fish hit me I took a trip just down the road to Playa Arenal and waited for the boats to come in. Playa Arenal is the first beach you come to when driving through Pedasi.  Take a left at the filling station and follow the road … [Read more...]

Pedasi Sports Club Hotel

pedasi diving

Pedasi Sports Club Hotel is the first hotel one comes to when entering Pedasi from Las Tablas. Located directly across from the police station, the Sports club is also one of the only hotels in Pedasi with a swimming pool. If diving is your interest, the Sports Club is your best bet. Bob, the owner, has a full dive set-up with tours, … [Read more...]

Beach trip with friends, Playa el Toro, Pedasi, Panama

Playa el Toro, Peadasi, Panama

Nothing is better than a trip to the beach with friends.  Playa el Toro is my neighborhood beach and a few weeks ago I made the 20 minute walk to it.  My friend Scotti came with me! Click through the gallery below to see Scotti and I having a blast at the beach! ~Lauren   … [Read more...]

Hostal Doña Maria Pedasi Panama

handicap hotel pedasi

Hostal Doña Maria is a beautiful authentic Panamanian bed and breakfast in Pedasi that offers handicap accessible rooms with oversized doors and baths. It is one of the few local hotels that I have not stayed in, but by the looks of it I will recommend it. As soon as I stopped by to ask permission to snap a few photos for this article, … [Read more...]

Casa de Campo Boutique Hotel Pedasi Panama

boutique hotel pedasi

Casa de Campo Boutique Hotel sets the bar for luxury accommodations in downtown Pedasi. Casa de Campo means country home in spanish. This place is my idea of country living, first world style. Once past the front door a guest does not feel as if they are in downtown Pedasi, it's more like entering someone’s private luxury country … [Read more...]

Pasta e Vino Italian Restaurant Pedasi Panama

pasta e vino pedasi

One of Pedasi's best restaurants is Pasta e Vino Ristorante Italiano. Pasta e Vino is owned by an Italian couple, so the food is authentic. Elena the chef runs the kitchen, while Danilo handles the floor. They have a great thing going, only a hand full of tables and they keep their menu simple with three to four pasta entrees a night, … [Read more...]

Lowtide Cafe Internet Pedasi Panama

pedasi panama internet

Lowtide Cafe is one of the only internet cafes in Pedasi and it is definitely the best located and most comfortable. The owners Lorena and Bob do a great job of creating a nice atmosphere for those in need of wifi. Plus, they sell ice cream, Bob is a whiz with computers for those in need of a techie's help, Lorena speaks perfect english … [Read more...]

Casita Margarita Pedasi Panama

hotel pedasi casita margarita

Few folks in Pedasi are more friendly than Jack and Sue Halloran owners of the popular hotel Casita Margarita. It's rare that Jack or Sue do not offer to share something every time I see them. The inn is a great place for those in search of a quaint home away from home on the Azuero Peninsula. Casita Margarita has large private rooms … [Read more...]

Residencial Pedasi

pedasi los santos panama residencial

For me, few Pedasi hotels strike up as many fond memories as the Residencial Pedasi. Not that the Residencial is the most luxurious or fancy hotel in town, just that I have had many friends from home or met many travelers whom became new friends that were staying at the Residencial. The hotel has large, clean, comfortable rooms, each with … [Read more...]