Mario Bernal, Bird Watcher, El Valle, Panama


Mario Bernal is a naturalist by heart and an avid birder.  He has dedicated his life to studying the flora, fauna and natural beauty of  Panama. For many years he was a member of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, and is widely considered the top guide for nature oriented tours in Panama.  Mario also leads an environmental … [Read more...]

Parque Domingo Medica – Boquete

Chiriqui, David, Parque

Boquete is a lovely town.  Cool breezes coming down the mountains and you're never more then a stones throw from some yummy, locally grown and manufactured coffee.  In Panama, each town has central park that the town has grown around.  Boquete in no different.  Grab a cup of coffee at "Central Park" and enjoy the morning people watching … [Read more...]

Santiago Veraguas Park

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The Santiago park in the center of town was remodeled a few years ago. It's named after ex-president Juan D. Arosemena. It's a beautiful park with a gazebo and beautiful flower covered arbors. There is a large catholic church next to the park and also the Museo Regional de Veraguas (museum), Banco Nacional and the Municipalidad de … [Read more...]

Parque Cervantes in David, Panama.

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Parque Cervantes in David, Panama is a prime place for people watching and being watched (more on that in a bit).  Named for the Spanish novelist, poet and playwright Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra most famously known for writing Don Quixote, Parque Cervantes is a great place to waste some time. Recently remodeled the park has an … [Read more...]