Hotel Playa Cambutal

playa cambutal

Hotel Playa Cambutal is the first and best hotel you come to once hitting the beach road in Playa Cambutal. The two story hotel is surrounded by full growm coconut palms and impeccable landscaping, it's impossible to miss. They have a large pool and a beautiful grassy lawn that kisses the sand heading down to the great Pacific Ocean. I … [Read more...]

Hotel la Preferida Almirante Panama

bocas del toro panama

When I first started traveling to Bocas del Toro everyone warned me not to stay in Almirante and no one knew of a hotel. Everyone that I knew would just drive through the night and arrive early in the am to catch the ferry if they were bringing their car over. Pucha and I decided to take a chance and see if we could find a hotel. … [Read more...]

Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower

Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower

"The great advantage of a hotel is that it's a great refuge from home life." George Bernard Shaw I was fortunate enough to spend several days at the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower while entertaining a friend from back home.  Over the course of the four days spent there it truly did become a "refuge".  The … [Read more...]

Dim’s Hostal Pedasi

dims pedasi panama hotel

A little over three years ago I arrived in Panama for the first time. My destination, Pedasi Panama where my son lived. During my ten day stay I lived at Dim's Hostal. My son kept me busy taking me places and showing me the sights. Those memories I will always treasure. But when it was time to rest back to my little haven I went. Not … [Read more...]

Hotel Riande Aeropuerto Panama

Riande Aeropuerto Lobby Art

A good hotel for those looking to be close to the airport flying in or out of Panama City is the Hotel Riande Aeropuerto.  Actually, it's the only hotel I know of near the airport. The Riande was recently remodeled.  The place looks great.  They have a new restaurant, a sushi bar, a new pool bar, small casino and a large outdoor pool.  … [Read more...]