Pucha Garcia 2015 Calendar Behind the Scenes Video

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Killer Bees in Panama and Why Monsanto Sucks

africanized bees

Yes that's right folks! Killer Bees are in Panama and have been for a long time. Africanas as they are called here are seen quite often. The local fire station here in Pedasi makes on average a couple of trips a week responding to calls of Africanas colonizing in roofs, electricity transformers, old buildings and in tree trunks. We … [Read more...]

Sasha Cole Design and Art Pedasi

art design panama

Sasha Cole is a friend of mine living here in the Pedasi area. She is a talented professional artist and university educated designer. Sasha has helped a number of businesses here in our area with their logo's, including popular eatery Smileys, and Pucha's. Sasha even helped me pick out the hip exterior colors for my house in Ojo de … [Read more...]

Ojo de Agua, Panama

Ojo de Agua, Panama

Ojo de Agua is a lovely little town on the Azuero Peninsula on the Pacific Coast of Panama.  Ojo de Agua is just past Canas on the road to Tonosi.  There is hiking, wildlife, property for sale and plenty of peace, quiet and relaxation for everyone.  The views are stunning and the weather is perfection. Mom and dad came to visit a few … [Read more...]

Panama Grasshopper

Panama grasshopper, insect

This little guy caught my eye while in the yard working one day in Ojo de Agua.  I just had to take a photo of the little guy.  No matter how close I got to him he did not scare.  I had the camera almost touching his face. LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter! Charlie   … [Read more...]