Bocas del Drago Panama

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At the far side of Isla Colon directly opposite of Bocas Town and at the end of the road lies Bocas del Drago. Bocas del Drago is the quickest way to arrive to popular Playa Estrella. We spent a morning at Bocas del Drago, taking advantage of the good light, for a video shoot of Pucha Garcia with popular surf video clip producer Erik … [Read more...]

Almirante Ferry Bocas del Toro Panama

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Getting to the beautiful island chain of Bocas del Toro by car can be quite a task. But, if you have a car and plan on staying on Isla Colon for a extended length of time, it’s worth bringing the car over on the Almirante Ferry. Though must travel around Bocas island is by boat many times a car can come in handy. We recently spent a … [Read more...]

Bocas del Toro Pucha Garcia Calendar Premier Party 2012

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Pucha just shot her 2013 calendar here at the beaches around Pedasi and Playa Venao. I've been delegated to create the behind the scenes video that she loves so much. Here is a short video I created for her 2012 calendar premier party that was celebrated last year at Bocas Bambu Beach Restaurant in downtown Isla Colon. If you are … [Read more...]

Isla Carenero


A stone's throw away from Isla Colón is the small island of Isla Carenero. The island gets its name from the word ‘careening, ’ which is a nautical term meaning to lean a ship on one side for cleaning or repair. In 1502 the ships under the command of Christopher Columbus were careened here. Carenero features several places to stay and … [Read more...]

Isla Colon


Isla Colon Hotels Hotel Bocas del Toro $120+ Located on First Street in Bocas Town on the water Tropical Suites $175+ Located on First Street in Bocas Town on the water Tel: (507) 757-9880 Palma Royale $80-$295 Located on Third Street in Bocas Town next to Super Deli … [Read more...]

Bocas del Toro


WOW! Where does one start to explain Bocas del Toro? Stunning natural beauty, amazing parties, delicious food, comfortable places to stay, bumping reggae music, friendly locals and tourists. And that's just the beginning. Bocas del Toro truly is the tourist epicenter of Panama. From late night partying to breathtaking tropical … [Read more...]