ISA World Surfing Championships in Playa Santa Catalina

Oli Santa Catalina

Local boy Oli Camerena takes it to the pros in Santa Catalina! Like most participants of a sport, the more one practices and improves in a sport, the more one enjoys watching a talented participant of that sport. Surfing is no different. When any average surfer sees a talented surfer in the water ripping the waves apart they take … [Read more...]

Playa Venao 2012 International Surfing Association World Juniors Championship

Credit ISA Parkin

I have been surfing for nearly 26 years.  In my entire surfing life I've never seen the concentrated quality of high performance surfing like seen throughout the  2012 International Surfing Association World Junior Surfing Championships recently held at Playa Venao, Panama.  There were teams from more than thirty countries surfing their … [Read more...]