Playa Cambutal Tropical Wood and Furniture

panama custom furniture

The spectacular hand made custom furniture that is proudly displayed throughout Hotel Playa Cambutal was created in the owners personal sawmill and wood shop. If traveling out to Playa Cambutal one can not miss the huge metal building on the right hand side just as entering into town. The building looks as if it belongs in Panama City, … [Read more...]

Hotel Playa Cambutal

playa cambutal

Hotel Playa Cambutal is the first and best hotel you come to once hitting the beach road in Playa Cambutal. The two story hotel is surrounded by full growm coconut palms and impeccable landscaping, it's impossible to miss. They have a large pool and a beautiful grassy lawn that kisses the sand heading down to the great Pacific Ocean. I … [Read more...]