Panama Viejo, Historic “Old Panama”

Panama Viejo

Panama Viejo ("old Panama") was founded in August of 1519 making it the oldest Spanish settlement on the Pacific Coast.  In 1671 the town was destroyed when Captain Henry Morgan invaded.  It was never rebuilt.  Panama Viejo was declared a historic site in 1976 and has since been under governmental protection.  In 2003 the site was added … [Read more...]

Rufina Alfaro, Hero of Los Santos, Panama

Rufina Alfaro, Hero of Los Santos

A very modernist (and very naked) representation of Rufina Alfaro stands in the town square of Los Santos, Panama.  The story behind her nakedness is as follows. Panama was under Spanish rule and itching for its freedom, especially in the interior town of Los Santos. Rufina Alfaro came to the rescue with her ginormous breasts. Rumor … [Read more...]

Old Town Santa Fe, Panama

Old Town Santa Fe, Panama

See photo at right. Yup. That's it. If you're saying to yourself, "self, that looks a lot like a pasture with some cows in it." You're right! That's exactly what it is and that is exactly the consensus of most the people in Santa Fe. But, the government came in and said that this very cow filled pasture is where the first settlers … [Read more...]