Feeling Fruity in Panama

Panama Fruity Drink

I'm a little farther north than usual and the colder temps have me missing  my tropical oasis.  Next to .65 cent beers nothing is more Panamanian then fruity drinks.  So in honor of my missing the beach, sun and rum here's a shot of some of my favorites.  A Coco Colada,  a Tequila Sunrise and a batido!...DELISH! ~Lauren   … [Read more...]

Food and drink – Festival Nacional de la Mejorana – Guararé, Panama


What's a festival in Panama without yummy food and lots of drink!  La Festival Nacional de la Mejorana in Guararé is no exception.  Everywhere you turn there are different tastes and libations for you to try.  From shaved ice to sauages, fresh coconut juice to pop up shop rum stands!  If  you want it you can buy it.  And if you can't buy … [Read more...]