Quesos Chela, Roadside food in Capira, Panama

Quesos Chela

I’ve spent a large portion of my adult life living abroad and traveling the globe.  Throughout that time I feel that I’ve become a connoisseur of road food.  When you spend hours driving the open road or on busses, a stop at a local eatery is always a welcome break.  You never know who you might meet, what sort of information you will … [Read more...]

Martín Fierro Argentinian Steak House, Panama City Panama

Martín Fierro Argentinian Steak House, Panama City Panama

Named after the Argentinian epic literary hero who wandered the plains, Martin Fierro Steak House is a place any weary traveler would want to stop.  The smells pouring out onto the streets are enough to stop you in your tracks.  Martin Fierro is the place to go if you love meat and aren't afraid of a satisfying meal. Main courses start … [Read more...]

What Do You Eat in Panama?

Eating in Panama

  Probably the number one question people back home ask is “What do you eat in Panama?”  It’s a great question. Grocery stores are everywhere in Panama and they are all stocked with very recognizable foods and brands.  Every town (even the tiny ones) have a “mini super” that sells all your basic groceries.  Some of them … [Read more...]

Food and drink – Festival Nacional de la Mejorana – Guararé, Panama


What's a festival in Panama without yummy food and lots of drink!  La Festival Nacional de la Mejorana in Guararé is no exception.  Everywhere you turn there are different tastes and libations for you to try.  From shaved ice to sauages, fresh coconut juice to pop up shop rum stands!  If  you want it you can buy it.  And if you can't buy … [Read more...]

Mama Fefa’s Restaurant Pedasi

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WHERE'S MY EGGS? A breakfast out in Pedasi Panama is a treat. So different from the standard American breakfast. However, sometimes you want those eggs and they are not so easily found in the true Panmanian restaurants. Well, Mama Fefa has them and she knows how to cook them. Along with those hojaldres (fried panamanian bread) … [Read more...]

Playa Arenal Ranchito Pedasi

Playa Arenal, Pedasi, Los Santos, Isla Iguana, Beer, Food, Panama, Travel

After moving to Pedasi and settling in, one of my first ventures with a local was to the beach of Playa Arenal. There (somewhat hidden) is a true Panamanian treasure. It is called the Ranchito. The Ranchito is operated by Lydia and Maglio along with help from other family members. There you can sit under the covered palm roof and enjoy a … [Read more...]

Mon Petit Cafe, El Valle Panama


Mon Petit is a darling cafe on the right side of the road just as you enter El Valle.  Owned by a kind Frenchman named Sebastian who now calls El Valle his home.  Mon Petit has a great menu of quiche, tarts, salads, crepes and breads.  I had worked up an appetite meandering around El Nispero Zoo all morning so I ordered the Classico … [Read more...]

Smiley’s Restaurant in Pedasi

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You just can not come to Pedasi and miss Smiley's Restaurant. Owned by an American and a sweet Panamanian, this couple have brought some of the best down home American atmosphere to Pedasi. Really good food including ribs, steaks and wings, cocktails and the live music is great. Tuesday and Friday night are the big music making nights, … [Read more...]

Super Centro del Pueblo Pedasi

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FAT GIRLS GOTTA EAT!   And now there is another grocery store in Pedasi where you can grab a push basket and stroll down the aisles in your quest of things for the appetite. They have a great little cold cuts and cheese counter along with lots of vegetables and meats to choose from. I always buy my steak and chops here.  Much … [Read more...]