Dulceria Yely Pedasi Desserts

pedasi panama

There are few Panamanians that have traveled to Pedasi that have not stopped by "la dulceria" for a cake and a refreshing chicha. The Dulceria Yely or La Dulceria as it is locally called is both nationally and internationally known for their great sweets and sugary juices or chichas. La señora Dalila, the owner, is just as well known in … [Read more...]

Feria de las Flores y del Café Boquete Panama

la feria de las flores y del cafe panama

La Feria de las Flores y del Café is Boquete’s annual fair. Much like the small town of Boquete, this fair is small yet extremely beautiful. La feria de Boquete is an assortment of vendors selling products from Panama and neighboring Central American countries, different food stands, local business stands, government informational … [Read more...]

Mon Petit Cafe, El Valle Panama


Mon Petit is a darling cafe on the right side of the road just as you enter El Valle.  Owned by a kind Frenchman named Sebastian who now calls El Valle his home.  Mon Petit has a great menu of quiche, tarts, salads, crepes and breads.  I had worked up an appetite meandering around El Nispero Zoo all morning so I ordered the Classico … [Read more...]

I’m a sucker for a sweet face…

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A few years ago Charlie did a coffee tour at Cafe Ruiz and was so impressed by the tour and his guide Carlos that he wanted to swing back by for another quick visit and  bag of coffee.  While there I stumbled across this kiddo who was just to cute not to snap a few photos of.  For more info on Cafe Ruiz and the coffee tours they offer … [Read more...]

Parque Domingo Medica – Boquete

Chiriqui, David, Parque

Boquete is a lovely town.  Cool breezes coming down the mountains and you're never more then a stones throw from some yummy, locally grown and manufactured coffee.  In Panama, each town has central park that the town has grown around.  Boquete in no different.  Grab a cup of coffee at "Central Park" and enjoy the morning people watching … [Read more...]

Cafe Ruiz Coffee Tour Boquete Panama

Cafe Ruiz, Chiriqui, Coffee Tour

Boquete, Panama is known for it's internationally award winning coffee. One of the oldest coffee producers in Boquete is Cafe Ruiz. They have been in Boquete since 1920 producing great coffee. Cafe Ruiz has a great coffee tour. Lead by Carlos, a friendly Boquete local who worked his way from coffee picker laborer to perfect english … [Read more...]

Boquete Panama Kotowa Coffee Shop

chiriqui, cafe, tourist

At the entrance of town in Boquete, Chiriqui, before dropping down the large hill into the valley, on the right hand side of the road is the Kotowa Coffee Shop. It's located in the corner of a large building, The Boquete Visitor Center, that also houses the office for the Tourist Ministry and Civil Protection for Boquete. It's a great … [Read more...]


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Grocery stores and mini markets are abundant in Panama, but by far the one with the most variety is Rey.  You’ll find Rey through out Panama City and in most larger cities in Panama like David and Chitre.  Fresh produce, a pharmacy, a deli, bakery, frozen foods, hardware and pet supplies, Rey has it all.  Some have Duran coffee shops and … [Read more...]

Coffee, coffee, coffee.

City, Duran, Cafe

Cafe Duran is the coffee of choice for Pamamanians since 1907. It's a tradition almost as old as Panama itself. Esteban Duran Amat started roasting coffee inside the banks of what would eventually become the Panama Canal. As the country grew so did Cafe Duran. The company was moved to the center of Panama City where the coffee was … [Read more...]