Cevichito’s Ceviche, San Carlos, Panama

Cevichito's, San Carlos, Panama

About three hours outside of Panama City, just at the town of San Carlos is a dive restaurant and bar called Cevichito's.  You'll know it by the large green building and the bus that is probably parked outside.  Cevichito's is a common place for buses making the drive from Panama City to points beyond to stop for a quick bite.  For under … [Read more...]

Pasta e Vino Italian Restaurant Pedasi Panama

pasta e vino pedasi

One of Pedasi's best restaurants is Pasta e Vino Ristorante Italiano. Pasta e Vino is owned by an Italian couple, so the food is authentic. Elena the chef runs the kitchen, while Danilo handles the floor. They have a great thing going, only a hand full of tables and they keep their menu simple with three to four pasta entrees a night, … [Read more...]