Las Lagunas de Volcan Panama

Las Lagunas de Volcan Panama

After hiking into the Parque Internacional de la Amistad and cruising around beautiful Cerro Punta I decided to head to Las Lagunas de Volcan or The Lakes of Volcan. Although I've seen thousands of lakes in Florida over my lifetime I have not seen hardly any here in Panama. Plus, these lakes are special, they are the highest natural lakes … [Read more...]

Parque Internacional la Amistad Los Nubes Panama

La Amistad International Park Panama

The Parque Internacional la Amistad or La Amistad International Park is a international cross-frontier UNESCO World Heritage Site covering 401,000 Hectares, making it the largest nature reserve in Central America. It covers parts of Panama and Costa Rica in the Talamanca Mountain Range. I took a half day hike on some of the trails leaving … [Read more...]

Cerro Punta Panama Produce Producer

cerro punta panama

Cerro Punta is the heart of the produce production of Panama. I took a drive up to visit the Parque Amistad Internacional de la Amistad on a recent trip to Volcan. Although hiking in the park was fun, I was more impressed just driving around Cerro Punta. People are growing vegetables everywhere, in their yards, on the sides of the road, … [Read more...]



Volcan is the gateway to some of the most beautiful scenic mountain drives in Panama.  Named after Volcan Baru, a dormant volcano that blew her top off long ago, Volcan is the first reasonably sized highland community on the way to either Cerro Punta, near the top of  Volcan Baru, or Rio Sereno, at the Costa Rican border near La Amistad … [Read more...]

Cerro Punta

chiriqui panama

Cerro Punta is located in the heart of the "Panamanian bread basket." Situated in the Chiriqui highlands just a days hike from the peak of dormant volcano Volcan Baru, Cerro Punta has an ideal climate and soils for growing many fruits and vegetables.  If you can find it in a Panamanian produce isle, it probably came from Cerro … [Read more...]