Pucha Garcia 2015 Calendar Behind the Scenes Video

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Ojo de Agua, Panama

Ojo de Agua, Panama

Ojo de Agua is a lovely little town on the Azuero Peninsula on the Pacific Coast of Panama.  Ojo de Agua is just past Canas on the road to Tonosi.  There is hiking, wildlife, property for sale and plenty of peace, quiet and relaxation for everyone.  The views are stunning and the weather is perfection. Mom and dad came to visit a few … [Read more...]

Isla de Cañas, Panama

Canas Island, Panama

Since being in Panama I've survived a plane crash, climbed mountains, forged rivers, and survived a stampede of bulls. And now I can add "run in with the police" to that list. It was planed to be a peaceful day on the Island of Cañas walking the beach with my mother...little did we know how it would end... Getting to Cañas is easy … [Read more...]