Cafeteria and Restaurant Del Prado Via Argentina Panama City

del prado 24 hour restaurant panama city

Though there were some tasty treats served up at the Cable Onda Sports Awards held at the Hard Rock Hotel Megapolis in downtown Panama City, I found myself still a little hungry and need of a late night snack before retiring. Something about live television and free drinks gives me an appetite. Pucha and I decided to grab a bite at Del … [Read more...]

Cable Onda Sports Awards Panama City

pucha garcia cable onda sports awards surfer of the year

Panama has it’s own version of the popular EPSY awards presented by ESPN, it’s called the Cable Onda Sports Awards. Cable Onda is a Panamanian cable company with it’s own sports channel. Though not as large or glamorous of a production as the famous EPSY awards, for the nominees and winners of the Cable Onda Sports Awards in Panama, it’s … [Read more...]

Hard Rock Hotel Megapolis Panama City

hard rock hotel megapolis panama city

Pucha Garcia recently won Surfer of the Year at the Cable Onda Sports Awards 2012. The event was held at the new Hard Rock Hotel Megapolis in downtown Panama City. Pucha had a popular salon offer to help get her ready for the event. I’m not into hanging out in beauty salons, so I took a taxi and arrived early to the hotel to walk around … [Read more...]