Getting to Boca Chica, Panama and beyond!

Getting to Boca Chica and Beyond!

Traveling in Panama for the most part is easy.  But the longer I'm here the more I learn that that is not the case in all parts of the country. Boca Chica is a perfect example of how it's easy to almost get there. The turn off for Boca Chica is off the Interamericana Highway at a town called Horconcitos.  Getting to this point from … [Read more...]

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Traveling Through Panama


My friend Martina is visiting in Pedasi for a few days.  She’s been traveling all over the world for the past ten months.  She’s such an inspiration!  Last night we were catching up and we started discussing how easy it is to travel in Panama compared to other Central and South American countries.  But that doesn't mean it’s … [Read more...]