Novetel New Comfortable Classy Hotel in Panama City

novotel restaurant diablo rojo

Novetel, Panama City's new stylish hotel  has officially been added to my favorite hotel list amongst the capital cities ever growing hotel crowd. We had to make a quick spur of the moment trip to Panama City and needed a place to stay downtown close to the long list of errands we had to run in a short time frame. I jumped online … [Read more...]

Panamanian Breakfast: Hojaldas with Salchichas Guisadas


I'm a big fan of three things.  Fried food, hot dogs and bread.  The joy that I felt when served a combination of all three on one of my first days in Panama was overwhelming.  Hojaldas (a thin, fluffy, fried bread) with salchichas guisadas (sausage stew) has become one of my favorite breakfast treats.  I've had it several times since … [Read more...]