Hiking in Boca Chica, Panama

Hiking in Boca Brava, Panama

I've said it before, I've always been a girl whose heart belongs near the ocean.  But the more time I spend in Panama the more I come to love the beauty and peacefulness that comes with hiking and being surrounded by trees and nature.  This is big step for me. Boca Chica has the best of both worlds.  You have to hike, to get to the … [Read more...]

Boca Chica


Boca Chica is a natural beauty located on the Pacific coast of Panama.  Visually stunning, Boca Chica has been described as a cross between Fiji and Bocas del Toro.  The fishing and water sports are as abundant as the many tropical islands in this area of Panama. Just a few years ago, this Panamanian gem was virtually unknown except by … [Read more...]