Playa Cambutal

Located at the southern tip of the Azuero Peninsula bordering the Cerro Hoya National Park, playa, panama, surf, fish, azuero peninsulaPlaya Cambutal is a top Panama surfing and fishing destination.

Surfers venturing to Cambutal will usually find uncrowded waves, mostly right handed reef breaks like 411 and Corto Cirquito.  There are also a number of other reef and beach breaks in the area.

Cambutal is off the beaten path where the developments are few and far between and natural beauty is in abundance.  A quick walk to the beach offers 360 degree panoramic views.  To your front you’ll find turquoise seas and over your shoulder is a spectacular view of jungle covered mountains that seem to disappear into the ocean.

Cambutal is home to the largest disparity of water depths in all of Panama.  Just off the coast line the water depth plunges deep into the blue Pacific Ocean.  Big game fish and sea life are abundant in Cambutal.  It’s not uncommon to be surfing in Cambutal and see whales playing just a few hundred yards away from you.

Playa Cambutal is a special place.  If you make it all the way to Pedasi take the extra hour drive out to Cambutal and stay the night, you won’t regret it.


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Hotel Playa Cambutal
Located on the beach near the entrance to Playa Cambutal
Restaurant, Bar, Pool, WiFi

Boom Shiva
Located on the beach just past Hotel Playa Cambutal
Restaurant, Spa

Hotel Kambutaleko
Located in the middle of Playa Cambutal on a hill overlooking the ocean


Hotel Playa Cambutal

Boom Shiva

Fonda Gonzales


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