What Do You Eat in Panama?


Eating in Panama

Eating in Panama…Breakfast!

Probably the number one question people back home ask is “What do you eat in Panama?”  It’s a great question.

Grocery stores are everywhere in Panama and they are all stocked with very recognizable foods and brands.  Every town (even the tiny ones) have a “mini super” that sells all your basic groceries.  Some of them even have a meat counter.  Most medium sized towns will have several mini supers and at least one “super centro” that will have more of a variety of groceries, alcoholic beverages, produce, meats and even cleaning items and a small housewares aisle.  Often times you will find some health and beauty items, office supplies and cell phones.  The items in each store vary and if you find some thing you like, I would suggest buying it.  Just because they have it once doesn’t mean it will permanently be on the shelves.

In the larger towns and more ex pat dominated areas you will easily find organic selections, and even more of a variety of items to chose from.  El Rey, Super 99, and Super Carne are several chain grocery stores in these areas that always have a good selection.

Eating out in Panama is always a treat.  Again, larger cities have lots of familiar chains and restaurants serving fare from all over the globe.  The smaller cities in Panama tend to have less of a selection but you can never go wrong with “el plato del dia” (the plate of the day) that usually consists of meat, rice, beans, soup and a small salad.

I can safely and confidently tell you that the food in Panama is “normal”.  You don’t have to worry about being served monkey brain soup or fried rat tails.  If you’re here and you have any question, just ask!  Most of the women that run the restaurants or road side fonda places will gladly give you a little taste or do their best to explain what’s being served.

Click through the gallery below for a look at some things I’ve eaten since being in Panama!

 ~Lauren :-)