Welcome to Panama

Hi all! My name is Lauren and I am the newest addition to the Panama Portal. I will be sharing with you the interesting places I visit, the day to day that is living and learning in Panama and of course the hilarious situations that I often seem to find myself in. For example, yesterday on my first day in Panama I went for a little jog. I was prepared for the heat and the looks from the locals but I was not prepared for uncovered manholes. Thankfully at the last moment I took a flying leap and avoided what would have been some very badly bruised shins.

Currently I am living in an area of Panama City called El Dorado. It’s a busy area surrounded by aquaint neighborhood filled with families. The host family I’m staying with is kind and warm. And they eat a lot! During the day I am studying at the Ileri Institue. It’s a language school for beginner and advanced Spanish speakers.

After three years of Spanish in high school and three years in college I can proudly say that after my placement test at the Institue I was promptly sent to the beginner class. My classes will start this afternoon and I am confident I will be well on my way to speaking Spanish!

Stay tuned and check back regularly for great photos and info about all things Panama! It’s my pleasure to have you on this journey with me.




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