Sonia “Pucha” Garcia Wins Bronze At ISA World Masters

Pucha Garcia placed third, earning the 2012 ISA World Masters Womens Surfing Bronze Medal.

Pucha had this to say about winning the bronze medal while representing Panama at playa Colorado Nicaragua during the ISA World Masters Championships, “I have no words to express how it feels to be on the podium at a world championship with the famous surfers Rochelle Ballard of Hawaii and Australian Sandra English. This medal is for you Panama! I have worked for years to achieve this dream, thanks to all my sponsors, friends, fans, supporters and my family – thank you for your great support and good energy, for following each of my heats… it was not easy during the first days. It’s a wave that is very strong and explodes near the sand. On the third day I fell very hard hitting my leg. And on the fifth day I injured my nose when I hit my board, but this did not stop me from fighting for that coveted medal.”

Congratulations Pucha!  Panama is proud.