Santiago Veraguas Bus Station

While waiting for my sister to arrive by bus from Panama City I wandered around the Santiago bus station. Like most in Panama the station is veraguas, terminal, panama, travelwell organized and bustling with passengers coming and going.

Buses in Panama are an easy, cheap form of travel. Almost all the provinces have a major bus station, called a terminal, with direct buses coming and going from Panama City or the other large towns around the country. Once a traveler arrives to one of these hubs they can jump on another bus to any of the nearby smaller towns. All the buses have the names of the two towns at either end of their route written on the front windshield above the driver. Buses going to larger towns travel more frequently, while buses to the smaller towns travel less often. It’s important to do a little research on the routes before you go. Make sure not to arrive at a station to late, there may be no buses till the next morning heading to your final destination.

My sister paid less then ten dollars for the direct bus to Santiago from Panama. Not a bad price to traverse half the country.