Retail Therapy in Panama City, Boutique Regalos Cathy

After a long and relaxing week in Bocas del Toro I was in need of a little retail therapy.  Not without reason of course, I was having breakfast at the Trump and needed something a little dressier than a bikini and cut offs to wear.  I decided instead of hitting up the usual malls in Panama, I wanted to find a smaller boutique-y store.  Something similar to the oens I left behind in the states.  While wandering around the neighborhood of el Cangrejo in Panama City, I stumbled across Boutique Regalos Cathy.

Located on Via Venetto just across form the Venetto Casino and Hotel, Boutique Regalos Cathy has everything you could need for any occasion.  From business to casual to something for date night you can get it here.  Modalys and Tayana were both super helpful and were crucial in helping to put together the finished products.

The shopping expierence was a HUGE sucuess.  I walked out with a few new (complete) looks all for well under MSRP.  :-)  Chic in the city is more then possible with the help of the ladies at Boutique Regalos Cathy!