Parque Cervantes in David, Panama.

Parque Cervantes in David, Panama is a prime place for people watching and being watched (more on that in a bit).  Named for the Spanish novelist, poet and playwright Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra most famously known for writing Don Quixote, Parque Cervantes is a great place to waste some time.

Recently remodeled the park has an interesting diamond shaped fountain, is impeccably maintained and has plenty of trees to provide shade on a hot day.  If that’s not enough to keep you cool then just wander to any corner and you’ll find someone selling snow-cones, ice cream or refreshing pressed sugar cane juice.  Do like I did and try all three then get comfy under one of the many huge and beautiful trees.  Settle in for an afternoon of watching people, merchants selling their wares and tons of adorable kiddos.  Or, being watched…

Several hours went by and I noticed that many people stopped right in front of me and watched for a few minutes.  It’s not uncommon for an American women to garner some attention in Panama, but this was a little much.  I was just starting to feel really good about myself when a child pointed up and said “Aqui! Aqui mama!” They weren’t looking at me, they were looking for the iguana that makes it’s home in the tree I was sitting under.  The city even installed a “snack tray” in the tree and provides food for the unofficial park mascot.

In the words of Cervantes;

“All kinds of beauty do not inspire love; there is a kind that only pleases the sight but does not captivate the affections.” 

Parque Cervantes and the friendly residents of David will inspire all types of love.

Happy Watching!