Panama Tacos – Taqueria Jalisco in David

I have traveled to David and Boquete many different times. Friends of mine from both towns are always talking about the great tacos at Taqueria Jalisco. david, bouquet, food

Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant is located just off the Interamericana on the highway towards Boquete. Every time I have driven by the restaurant it has been closed. Finally on my latest trip to Chiriqui Taqueria Jalisco was open for business, so Pucha and I stopped by to eat some of their famed authentic Mexican food.

Taqueria Jalisco did not let us down. Pucha ordered quesadillas and I some chicken soft tacos. The food lived up to all the mouth watering hype my friends had been promoting. As they say in Panama – the food was ricisimo! Translation = the food was damn good!

Jalisco’s is definitely on my list of Panamanian restaurants that I will eat at again while in the David area. The food was tasty and very inexpensive, two of my favorite qualities when dining.

I found this great video featuring Taqueria Jalisco on youtube. Check it out below.

Ole! Taqueria Jalisco. Hasta la proxima.

Buen Provecho!