Novetel New Comfortable Classy Hotel in Panama City

Novetel, Panama City’s new stylish hotel panama city hotel
has officially been added to my favorite hotel list amongst the capital cities ever growing hotel crowd.

We had to make a quick spur of the moment trip to Panama City and needed a place to stay downtown close to the long list of errands we had to run in a short time frame. I jumped online looking for a deal. After checking two of my favorite websites for hotel bargains ( and I came across a hotel I had not heard of, Novotel.  The photos looked nice and the reviews sounded good, special last minute rate of 50% off, I’m a bargain hunter…book it!

Novotel Panama is a beautiful hotel with valet parking, pin drop quiet rooms, dreamy beds, perfect pillows, easily controlled air conditioners (in Fahrenheit no less), groovy Diablo Rojo decorated restaurant and by far the best complimentary breakfast in any hotel I have stayed in over the years, but the great service is what caught my attention. Anybody with money can hire top rate decorators, buy nice furnishings and construct a beautiful building, but it takes experience and know how to train up employees, especially here in Panama. It was obvious that every hand new their job well and were comfortable in their positions. Someone with management know how had spent time with this staff and it showed. I worked for years in the hospitality industry so I notice.

This was our first road trip with our newborn.  It was a nice surprise to stumble upon a beautiful new hotel that was this quiet, comfortable and boasted professional friendly capable service. Novotel also has an eclectic, tasty restaurant menu at a very reasonable price. When I ordered an early dinner and made a special request for the room service attendant to approach the room quietly due to a napping baby, they followed through with a soft knock on the door and a ginger roll of the food cart into the hotel room. Considerably impressive and greatly appreciated. Never ever wake a baby.

Novotel is easy to find, located near the corner of Via Argentina and Via España. It’s very simple to access compared to some of the other hotels in Panama City. Just remember to tell your driver that it is near world famous Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran’s house. Everyone from Panama City knows where “Manos de Piedra” (fists of stone) lives.

Thanks Novotel for a cozy enjoyable place to stay in busy Panama City. I will be staying there again for sure.