Moda Saks is Not the Same as Saks Fifth Ave.

While wondering the el Dorado neighborhood of Panama City my heart skipped a beat when I saw a sign for Saks. My first thought was;  “Dang it! I left my SaksFirst card in the US!”

Upon entering the store I quickly realized that this was not Saks Fifth Ave.

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It was Moda Saks.  If JCPenny and WalMart had a Panamanian love child, Moda Saks would be its name.  Moda Saks has everything, from clothing and shoes to housewares and cosmetics.  You’ll find many recognizable American brands such as Liz Claiborne. Forever 21, Polo, etc.  Nothing high-end but everything at an affordable price and at different quality levels.  I walked out with a blow dryer, an umbrella and three pairs of socks for under $20.

In Panama City you are never far from a Moda Saks.  It’s a good place to pick up whatever you need.  Most taxi drivers can take you to the nearest one with ease.

An important tip for all of you planing a shopping trip in Panama.  Any bills smaller then $20 are readily accepted in larger stores.  Anything higher be prepared to show your passport and possibly have to fill out some paperwork.

Happy Shopping!