Hard Rock Hotel Megapolis Panama City

Pucha Garcia recently won Surfer of the Year at the Cable Onda Sports Awards 2012. The event was held at the new Hard Rock Hotel Megapolis in downtown Panama City.hard rock hotel megapolis panama city Pucha had a popular salon offer to help get her ready for the event. I’m not into hanging out in beauty salons, so I took a taxi and arrived early to the hotel to walk around and take a few photos of the property.

The Hard Rock Megapolis is just behind the large Multi-Centro Mall in Patilla off of Avenida Balboa. The hotel has many hip lounges, a restaurant and a gift shop. The lobby and lounges are covered in memorabilia and outfits from different rock legends. The mood and decor in the common areas is definitely rock n roll. I’ve never hung out in a Hard Rock Hotel, so this was a new kind of hotel experience for me.

Good music, low lighting and lots of bars, I could hang out there for a while.