Fiesta de Fiesta’s, Chitre, Panama


A huge parade complete with bands, floats, beautiful women in beautiful costumes and so much crowd participation!  That about sums up the Fiesta de Fiesta’s (Party of Parties!)  in Chitre we attended a few weeks ago.  When the Parade wasn’t in full swing local musical acts and DJ’s from across Panama kept the party going.

In collaboration with the City of Chitre, the Tourism Authority of Panama hosted this event with the hope of promoting the area by showing the rich cultural history Chitre has to offer.  Throughout the city center there were food vendors, craft merchants and traditional music being played.

A spokes person for the Tourism Authority stated; “We want to bring together in one event all the manifestations of folk festivals across the country, hence the name Fiesta of Fiestas. This will attract tourism to a city like Chitre, which is very easy to reach and has a large hotel and commercial center.”

It was a great party with great people and we were able to get some amazing photos just for you. Enjoy!