David Fair Chiriqui Panama

Much like Carnaval, the annualfair, david, chiriqui provincial fairs are a popular attraction amongst Panamanians.

Two of the most popular fairs are the Feria Internacional de Azuero and La Feria Internacional de David in Chiriqui.

Fairs here are similar to the ones you will find in the United States. There are many rides for the youngsters and young at heart. Food vendors and artisan markets are everywhere. There are competitions for farm animals and plants. Unlike in the states there are no science project contests, or at least not that I have ever seen. There are live shows and music performances at different times. Also, there are an incredible number of Panamanian businesses that have stands set up showing off their latest products for sale at discounted rates special for fair attendees. For the best prices from the different vendors it’s best to wait till the last days of the fair, most vendors want to lighten their loads and are willing to bargain.

The fair is practically a show room for cars, motorcycles, heavy equipment, power tools, cell phone companies, furniture makers and nearly anything else a consumer can imagine. Many of the brands represented set up small cocktail areas for regular clients and friends for the evening time fair action. Elaborate mobile bars that are set up by local beer and liquor companies fire-up after dark with live bands or DJ club style music. These are popular attractions for young party-goers especially the bar PH or Pub Herrano, that is owned by Hermanos Varela, the distillers of Ron Abuelo and Seco.

Anyways, if you are traveling through Panama during a fair and would like to see a very Panamanian cultural event or if you live here in country and are interested in making purchases with vendors ready to deal  - the fair is worth checking out.