Colibri Productions Aerial HD Filming Company

Imagine flying at 100mph just a few feet panama aerial filming
above dense jungle tree tops, banking turns through unspoiled mountain river gorges, blades nearly touching the rapids below,
hovering high above tropical island indian villages surrounded by crystal clear water and ocean reefs, following whale pods from high above the mighty Pacific Ocean, filming aerial shots for hollywood movies and television series like Contraband, Survivor and Planet Ocean. Sounds like fun right?

Some of the first expats I met when I officially moved to Panama were Nel and Vanessa Boshoff. We immediately hit it off and have been friends ever since. The description above, that’s Nel’s job, he controls one of the most highly advanced state of the art gyro-stabalized HD cameras known to man and it attaches to a helicopter. Nel gets more airtime then the worlds most frequent flyer’s in some of the most beautiful places on the planet. And he’s not leisurely lounging back at high altitude getting served airline food and cocktails. No, Nel’s buzzing at dangerously low altitudes focused on the shot!

Makes your job sound boring right? Mine too.

Nel is Director of Photography and Vanessa is Marketing and Project Coordinator for Colibri Productions an aerial filming company based in Panama that delivers stunning vibration-free aerial shots for any production or marketing project in need of an aerial perspective.

If you are in need of aerial shots contact Nel and Vanessa at Colibri Productions. They can help you coordinate your shoot in Latin America. They are bi-lingual, understand customs policies and can organize transport and logistics in the region. They also can travel to your destination with their equipment. They have contacts, people who own helicopters!

Check out their amazing show reel below and featuring at our homepage for a while, it’s impressive.

Now if I can only convince them to give me a ride in that helicopter!