Cevichito’s Ceviche, San Carlos, Panama

Cevichito's, San Carlos, Panama

Cevichito’s, San Carlos, Panama

About three hours outside of Panama City, just at the town of San Carlos is a dive restaurant and bar called Cevichito’s.  You’ll know it by the large green building and the bus that is probably parked outside.  Cevichito’s is a common place for buses making the drive from Panama City to points beyond to stop for a quick bite.  For under $6 you can get a beer and two containers of some of the best ceviche in Panama.  The atmosphere is always entertaining.  Last time I was there the gentleman at the table next to me had his chicken with him!

Cevichito’s is an open air restaurant.  Most of it is covered but the walls are open.  During the day it is filled with working Panamanians for lunch or stopping along the road for a break from travel.  At night the place becomes a hopping dance club with loud music, loud people, dancing and plenty of cold beer.

The service is quick, the food is good and the prices are right.  Cevichito’s opens most days around 11 and stays open as late as there are customers.  Stop by next time you’re in or passing through the San Carlos area!