Cable Onda Sports Awards Panama City

Panama has it’s own version of the popular EPSY awards presented by ESPN, it’s called the Cable Onda Sports Awards. Cable Onda is a Panamanian cable companypucha garcia cable onda sports awards surfer of the year with it’s own sports channel. Though not as large or glamorous of a production as the famous EPSY awards, for the nominees and winners of the Cable Onda Sports Awards in Panama, it’s jut as important.

The award ceremony was held at the Hard Rock Megapolis in Panama City.  It was a two hour presentation televised live across Panama. Surfing, boxing, triathlon, soccer, american football, baseball, karate, swimming, wrestling and special olympics athletes were all recognized for their achievements.

Pucha Garcia won this years Surfer of the Year award. Her bronze medal in the 2012 ISA World Masters Surfing Championships was most likely what earned her the recognition. I was privileged enough to accompany her and enjoy the show. Of course, I rarely turn down free food and cocktails, so it was an easy decision.

Congratulations Pucha!  You earned it. We’re proud of you.