All Souls Day

All Soul's Day, Panama

All Soul’s Day, Panama

On All Souls Day (November 2) not only is it a day to remember the dead but more specifically a day to pray for those stuck in purgatory through prayer, alms and Mass.  The importance of All Souls Day was made clear by Pope Benedict XV when he gave priests the privilege of celebrating three Masses on All Souls Day: one, for the faithful departed; one for the priest’s intentions; and one for the intentions of the Holy Father. There are only a few other days where three Masses are allowed instead of the usual two.

So it’s a big deal!  Especially in Panama which is predominately a Catholic Country.  In my sweet little town of Pedasi, I live just a few blocks from the local “Campo del Reposo” which translates to Field of Rest (cemetery).  Throughout the day people have passed by with flowers and other mementos to place upon the graves of their loved ones.

Interesting fact, All Soul’s Day is a dry holiday in Panama.  No liquor sales allowed.

I took a little time this afternoon and wandered around the Campo del Reposo and took a few photos.  Click through the gallery for a look.